Maritime Services, Consulting & Trade Ltd

Dredging and Marine equipment sourcing:

Whether you are heading for a major port extension or a minor maintenance dredging project in all cases the correct dredger type, availability in the market and approriate equipment costs can make your project succesful. Archimediz may work along your side to make the right choices .....

Project organisation & control:

Archimediz staff can support clients in setting up of a dredging project providing know-how on structering and competence transfer to project management and operating staff.


ARCHIMEDIZ Maritime Services, Consulting & Trade Ltd offers support to Public and Private operators to develop new dredging, reclamation and beach nourishment projects with upto date dredging equipment in mind.  Solutions can be proposed by appropriate dimensioning of the project(s). Reviewing  preliminary project information in order to envisage the right efficient equipment and study project lay-out requirements at an early stage contribute to lowering overall projects costs.  The "Archimediz"  approach facilitates economic and realistic pricing for the dredging project(s).